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Rotary engine: Quiz


Question 1: Used on the ________ fighter, the new engine created what is considered by many to be the best fighter aircraft design of the war.
Siemens-Schuckert D.IVAlbatros D.IIAlbatros D.IIIPfalz D.VIII

Question 2: The very first successful seaplane flight, of Henri Fabre's Le Canard, was powered by a Gnome Omega on March 28, 1910 near ________.

Question 3: A rotary engine is essentially a standard ________ engine, but instead of having a fixed cylinder block with rotating crankshaft as with a conventional radial engine, the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block rotates around it.
Manifold (automotive)Oil pump (internal combustion engine)Four-stroke engineTwo-stroke engine

Question 4: In the most common form, the crankshaft was fixed solidly to an aircraft frame, and the ________ simply bolted onto the front of the crankcase.
SteamboatPropeller (aircraft)Jet enginePropeller

Question 5: Rotary and ________ look strikingly similar when they are not running and can easily be confused, since both have cylinders arranged radially around a central crankshaft.
Two-stroke engineRadial engineFour-stroke engineRotary engine

Question 6: Most rotary engines were arranged with the cylinders pointing outwards from a single crankshaft, in the same general form as a radial, but there were also rotary ________[3] and even one-cylinder rotaries.
Flat-four engineFlat-six engineV8 engineFlat engine

Question 7: The famous ________ company produced an experimental 4-cylinder rotary engine in 1899.
PeugeotAutomotive industryJules-Albert de DionDe Dion-Bouton

Question 8: Rotary engines gained a substantial ________ advantage by obviating the need for an added flywheel.
Fuel cellDiesel engineAutomobilePower-to-weight ratio

Question 9: FĂ©lix Millet showed a 5 cylinder rotary engine built into a bicycle wheel at the ________ in Paris in 1889.
Eiffel TowerFranceExpo (exhibition)Exposition Universelle (1889)

Question 10: In the 1940s Cyril Pullin developed the Powerwheel, a wheel with a rotating one-cylinder engine, clutch and ________ inside the hub, but it never entered production.
Disc brakeDrum brakeAutomobileParking brake


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