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Question 1: The Rossby number, named for Carl-Gustav Arvid Rossby, is a ________ used in describing fluid flow.
Reynolds numberDimensionless quantityFluid dynamicsKeulegan–Carpenter number

Question 2: [5] [6] This balance also occurs at the outer eyewall of a ________.
RainTropical cycloneNorth Atlantic tropical cycloneTropical cyclone basins

Question 3: [1][2] It is commonly used in geophysical phenomena in the ________ and atmosphere, where it characterizes the importance of Coriolis accelerations arising from planetary rotation.
OceanPlate tectonicsNatureNatural environment

Question 4: where U and L are, respectively, characteristic velocity and length scales of the phenomenon and f = 2 Ω sin φ is the Coriolis frequency, where Ω is the ________ of planetary rotation and φ the latitude.
Rotation groupAngular velocityCross productRigid body


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