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Rosh Hashanah: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Rosh Hashanah?
Jewish; Samaritan
Live album

Question 2: The fast is observed immediately after the second day of the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashana, commencing on the third of Tishrei according to the ________.
Islamic calendarByzantine calendarLiturgical yearHebrew calendar

Question 3: Numbers 29:1 calls the festival Yom Terua, ("Day [of] blowing [the horn]") and symbolizes a number of subjects, such as the ________ and the animal sacrifices that were to be performed.
AbrahamIshmaelVayeiraBinding of Isaac

Question 4: Rosh Hashanah is characterized by the blowing of the ________,[5] a trumpet made from a ram's horn.
Jewish servicesMikvehShofarJewish holiday

Question 5: The Gregorian date for The Fast of Gedalia varies from year to year based on when it corresponds with the third of ________.
CheshvanJewish holidayTishreiIyar

Question 6:
What is Rosh Hashanah's nickname?
Iron Rakkasans
Jewish New Year

Question 7: Many Orthodox men have the custom to immerse in a ________ in honor of the coming day.
MikvehHalakhaTzedakahJewish services

Question 8: Karaite Jews, who do not recognize Rabbinic Jewish oral law and rely on their own understanding of the Bible, observe only one day on the first of Tishrei, since the second day is not mentioned in the ________.
TorahHalakhaKabbalahIslam and Judaism

Question 9: In ________ Rosh Hashanah is described as "the day of judgment" (Yom ha-Din) and "the day of remembrance" (Yom ha-Zikkaron).
MikvehJewish servicesSeudah ShlishitAmidah

Question 10: When Rosh Hashanah falls on Thursday and Friday, the fast is postponed until Sunday (which would be the fourth of Tishrei), since no public fast may be observed on ________ (Saturday) with the exception of Yom Kippur.
ShabbatHebrew calendarPassoverJewish holiday


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