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Rose Bowl (stadium): Quiz


Question 1: The city of Pasadena paid for the traveling expenses of the all students and supporters of both the U.S. Naval Academy and ________.
United States Military AcademyUnited States Merchant Marine AcademyUnited States Air Force AcademyUnited States Naval Academy

Question 2:
What proceeded Rose Bowl (stadium)?
"Without Me" by Eminem
"Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes
29th Regiment to form

Question 3:
What is the governing body of Rose Bowl (stadium)?
National Park Service along with other state and local agencies.
Martin County, Minnesota, local government
Local government & private

Question 4:
Where is Rose Bowl (stadium)?
Rose Bowl u2022 Pasadena, California
1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, California
322 Rose Hill Rd., Water Mill, New York
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Boston, Massachusetts

Question 5:
What kind of surface does Rose Bowl (stadium) have?
Clay / Outdoors
natural ice

Question 6:
Which of the following teams are tenants at Rose Bowl (stadium)?
UCLA Bruins basketball
LA Tennis Open, UCLA Men's and Women's Tennis teams1984 Summer Olympics,
UCLA Bruins
Chilliwack Bruins

Question 7:

Question 8:
When was Rose Bowl (stadium) built?
1922, 1924
1922, 1932
1848; 1922

Question 9:
Who operates Rose Bowl (stadium)?
Rose Bowl Operating Company
Gan Airport Company Ltd.
various heritage operators, previously VR and V/Line
Brockville Operations Dept.

Question 10: In 1982, it became the home field of the ________ college football team of the Pac-10 Conference.
UCLA BruinsUCLA Bruins footballLos Angeles LakersUSC Trojans

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