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Question 1: The Doctor takes Rose to his ________, which is disguised as a 20th century police box, and uses the fake Mickey's head to locate the controlling signal.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyTARDISCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 2: The TARDIS console room and ________ have also been redesigned.
Sonic screwdriverDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 3: ________'s name (although not his face) did appear in the opening credits of the 1996 Doctor Who television movie, but only after the series title.
Paul McGannDalekBig Finish ProductionsEighth Doctor

Question 4: On 8 March, 2005, ________ reported that a copy of the episode had been leaked onto the Internet, and was being widely traded via the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol.
Bloomberg L.P.Dick OlverReutersThomson Reuters

Question 5: Although this episode is set in London, Queens Arcade, where we see the Autons come to life, is actually in ________.

Question 6: Murray Gold's new arrangement of the theme contains sounds and elements from the ________ arrangement of the theme introduced in 1963 and replaced in 1980 with an arrangement by Peter Howell, who had worked extensively on the series previously.
Brian HodgsonBBC Radiophonic WorkshopDaphne OramDelia Derbyshire

Question 7: Rose eats a packet of Walkers Ready Salted ________ and has a bottle of Oasis fruit juice, although efforts are made to hide the brand names as is often the convention with BBC programmes.
Potato chipFrench friesLay'sUnited States

Question 8: It is the first episode of the 2005 series and was the first new television episode of Doctor Who to be produced since the American-made ________ television movie in 1996.
The Five DoctorsDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who (1996 film)

Question 9: On the DVD commentary of this episode, Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson jokingly call this voice "President Flavia", a reference to a Time Lady character from ________.
Doctor Who DVD releasesCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)The Five Doctors

Question 10: It was also heard during the course of Series 1 in "The End of the World"[7], "Boom Town,"[16] "________"[18] and "The Parting of the Ways."[17]
Companion (Doctor Who)Bad WolfThe Stolen EarthDalek


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