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Question 1: Root nodules apparently have evolved three times within the ________ but are rare outside that family.
LegumeFlowering plantFaboideaeFabaceae

Question 2: Under nitrogen limiting conditions, plants from the pea family ________ form a symbiotic relationship with a host-specific strain of bacteria known as rhizobia.
FaboideaeLegumeFlowering plantFabaceae

Question 3: Indeterminate nodules are found on temperate legumes like Pisum (pea), ________ (alfalfa), Trifolium (clover), and Vicia (vetch).
Medicago lupulinaMedicago truncatulaFabaceaeMedicago

Question 4: Frankia nodulates approximately two hundred species in the following orders (families in parentheses): Cucurbitales (Coriariaceae and Datiscaceae), Fagales (Betulaceae, Casuarinaceae, and Myricaceae), Rosales (Rhamnaceae, Elaeagnaceae and ________).
MaloideaePrunusFlowering plantRosaceae

Question 5: Root nodules occur on the roots of plants that associate with ________ nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
SymbiosisParasitismMutualism (biology)Biological interaction

Question 6: They earned the moniker "indeterminate" because they maintain an active apical ________ that produces new cells for growth over the life of the nodule.
PlantMeristemPlant stemPlant evolutionary developmental biology

Question 7: Legumes release compounds called ________ from their roots, which trigger the production of nod factors by the bacteria.


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