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Rooibos: Quiz


Question 1:
What family does Rooibos belong to?

Question 2:
What classis does Rooibos belong to?

Question 3:
What is the binomial of Rooibos?
Aspalathus linearis
Chiroxiphia linearis
Petalonyx linearis
Gazania linearis

Question 4: She had chanced upon ________ dragging seed one day, followed them back to their nest and, on breaking it open, found a granary[14].

Question 5: In 1994, Burke International registered the name "Rooibos" with the ________, thus establishing a monopoly on the name in America at a time when it was virtually unknown there.
United States Patent and Trademark OfficeMinority Business Development AgencyCanadian Intellectual Property OfficeCorporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office

Question 6: ________ made from rooibos has recently been introduced in South Africa and Australia as Lipton "Red Tea, Rooibos & Guarana", and in the United States as Snapple "Red Tea, Pomegranate Raspberry"[4].
American tea cultureTea cultureIced teaBlack tea

Question 7: This has given rise to rooibos-based variations of coffee drinks such as red lattes and red ________.
Café au laitCoffeehouseCappuccinoEspresso

Question 8: The Dutch settlers to the Cape developed rooibos as an alternative to ________, an expensive commodity for the settlers who relied on supply ships from Europe.
Black teaGreen teaTea cultureWhite tea

Question 9: Unoxidized "green" rooibos is also produced, but the more demanding production process for green rooibos (similar to the method by which ________ is produced) makes it more expensive than traditional rooibos.
Black teaJapanese tea ceremonyGreen teaTea culture

Question 10: The popularity of rooibos has also gained from its association with Precious Ramotswe, the Botswana detective in ________'s series of novels about The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.
The Right Attitude to RainFriends, Lovers, ChocolateThe Sunday Philosophy Club SeriesAlexander McCall Smith


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