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Rondo: Quiz


Question 1: In the Classical and Romantic periods it was often used for the last movement of a sonata, symphony, concerto or piece of ________.
Piano quintetClassical musicString quartetChamber music

Question 2: Rondo, and its French equivalent rondeau, is a word that has been used in ________ in a number of ways, most often in reference to a musical form, but also in reference to a character-type that is distinct from the form.
Music theoryClassical musicMusical notationMusic

Question 3: The form began to be commonly used from the ________, though it can be found in earlier works.
Baroque musicWolfgang Amadeus MozartFranz LisztClassical period (music)

Question 4: A common expansion of rondo form is to combine it with ________, to create the sonata rondo form.
Classical period (music)Musical formVariation (music)Sonata form

Question 5: Composers such as ________ normally do not identify such works as "rondo".
George GershwinBlue Monday (opera)Porgy and BessIra Gershwin


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