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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Romulus and Remus have?

Question 2: He adds citizens to his new city by abducting the women of the neighboring ________ tribes, which results in the combination of Sabines and Romans as one Roman people.
Monte CavoLatins (Italic tribe)SabinePontine Marshes

Question 3: The relationship between Romulus and his Tribune resembles the later relation between the Roman Dictator and his ________.
Ancient RomeRoman EmperorMaster of the HorseRoman Republic

Question 4: In another, he has Rhea and her twins thrown into the ________.
Tiber RiverLake BolsenaSabineLazio

Question 5: Their maternal grandfather is his descendant Numitor, who inherits the kingship of ________.
Alba LongaAncient RomeAlbano LazialeRoman-Etruscan Wars

Question 6: So the carver transfers them into the Germanic holy grove and has ________’s second wolf join them.
Germanic paganismWōdenYuleNine Herbs Charm

Question 7: Plutarch presents Romulus and Remus' ancient descent from prince ________, fugitive from Troy after its destruction by the Greeks.

Question 8: [2] They agree to determine the site through ________.
Ancient RomeAugurPontifex MaximusImperial cult (ancient Rome)

Question 9: Quirinus received a Flamen Maior called the ________, who oversaw his worship and rituals.
Religion in ancient RomeRomulus and RemusFlamen QuirinalisConsualia

Question 10: [3] ________ has Romulus invent the festival of Lemuria to appease Remus' resentful ghost.
MetamorphosesRoman EmpireHeroidesOvid


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