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Romantic friendship: Quiz


Question 1: Although twenty-six of Shakespeare's sonnets are love poems addressed to a married woman (the "Dark Lady"), one hundred and twenty-six are addressed to a young man (known as the "________").
Sonnet 18Sonnet 151Shakespeare's sonnetsSonnet 26

Question 2: Up until the second half of the 19th century, same-sex romantic friendships were considered common and unremarkable in the West, and were distinguished from then-taboo ________ relationships.
HomosexualityBisexualityLesbianSexual orientation

Question 3: Ruth and Naomi are the female Biblical pair most often cited as a possible romantic friendship, as in the following verse commonly used in homosexual ________ ceremonies:

Question 4: Proponents of the romantic friendship hypothesis also make reference to the ________.
BibleNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBiblical canon

Question 5: ________
Third genderHuman male sexualitySexual orientationHomosexuality

Question 6: (The quotation also furthers Faderman's beliefs that gender and sexuality are ________, since they indicate that each sex has been thought of as "better" at intense friendship in one or another period of history.)
PositivismSocial constructionismCritical theorySociology

Question 7: Bush cites ________, who distinguished male friendships from "that other, licentious Greek love"[8], as evidence of a platonic interpretation.
Michel de MontaigneBlaise PascalFrench literatureFrench Renaissance literature

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