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Romano Prodi: Quiz


Question 1: On 12 September 2008, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon selected Prodi as president of ________-UN peacekeeping panel[1].
African UnionAfrican Economic CommunityPan-African ParliamentEast African Federation

Question 2: On 6 February 2009, he was appointed Professor-at-Large at the Watson Institute for International Studies of ________.
Yale UniversityHarvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityBrown University

Question 3: In 1995 Prodi was one of the founders of the centre-left coalition The Olive Tree, and as its main leader he defeated ________ and his centre-right Pole of Freedoms coalition in the 1996 Italian general election.
Lamberto DiniGianfranco FiniRoberto MaroniSilvio Berlusconi

Question 4: His research covers mainly ________ and the development of small and medium businesses.
Competition regulatorUnited StatesFrancePortugal

Question 5: He then carried out postgraduate studies at the ________.
University of BristolKing's College LondonUniversity of CambridgeLondon School of Economics

Question 6: His government fell in 1998 when the ________ withdrew its support.
Communist Refoundation PartyCommunist Alternative PartyFrench Communist PartyPortuguese Communist Party

Question 7: In his earlier months as PM, Prodi had a key role in the creation of a multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon following the ________.
Hezbollah2006 Israel–Gaza conflictInternational reactions to the 2006 Lebanon War2006 Lebanon War

Question 8: As well as the enlargement and Amsterdam Treaty, the Prodi Commission also saw the signing and enforcement of the Nice Treaty as well as the conclusion and signing of the ________: in which he introduced the "Convention method" of negotiation.
European ParliamentTreaty establishing a Constitution for EuropeEuropean UnionBarroso Commission

Question 9: Some in the media described President Prodi as being the first "Prime Minister of the ________".
DenmarkGermanyEuropean UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 10: After a Government meeting on 21 February, Romano Prodi tendered his resignation to the President Giorgio Napolitano, who cut short an official visit to ________ in order to receive the Prime Minister.


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