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Question 1: The policy was extended in areas occupied by the Nazis during the war, and it was also applied by their allies, notably the Independent State of Croatia, Romania and ________.

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Romani people?
Second Languages
Early Prakrit languages
American Sign Language, occasionally Signed English in mixed company
Romani, languages of native region

Question 3: Specialized Library with Archive "Studii Romani" in ________, Bulgaria (Bulgarian, English)

Question 4: As time passed, other accusations were added against local Romanies (accusations specific to this area, against non-assimilated minorities), like that of bringing the plague, usually sharing their burden together with the local ________.
JewsAntisemitismSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 5: Romanichal, in the United Kingdom, emigrated also to the United States and ________;

Question 6: The emigration from India likely took place in the context of the raids by Mahmud of Ghazni[37] As these soldiers were defeated, they were moved west with their families into the ________.
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 7:
When was the Romani people?
December 2009

Question 8: Other examples of forced assimilation include ________, where a law was passed in 1896 permitting the state to remove children from their parents and place them in state institutions.
PolandNorwayGermanyUnited States

Question 9: The Romani were also heavily romanticized in the ________, a classic example being the 1975 Tabor ukhodit v Nebo.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyRussiaJoseph Stalin

Question 10:
What region does Romani people belong to?

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