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Romance film: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - 1940, 2003, 2005
Pride and Prejudice (1995 TV serial)Elizabeth BennetFitzwilliam DarcyPride and Prejudice

Question 2: ________ and its sequel, Before Sunset
Before SunriseA Scanner Darkly (film)Waking LifeMe and Orson Welles

Question 3: The most successful romantic film is the ________ blockbuster, Titanic which grossed over $600 million in America and $1.8 billion, worldwide.

Question 4: While most films have some aspect of romance between characters (at least as a subplot) a romance film can be loosely defined as any ________ in which the central plot (the premise of the story) revolves around the romantic involvement of the story's protagonists.
FilmmakingIndependent filmFilmMovie theater

Question 5: The appeal of these films is in the dramatic reality of the ________ expressed by the characters.
EmotionPositive psychologyEvolutionary psychologyPsychology


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