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Question 1: The Acritic songs (dealing with ________ and his fellow frontiersmen) resemble much the chanson de geste, though they developed simultaneously but separately.
Byzantine EmpireDigenes AkritasCappadociaAnatolia

Question 2: Shakespeare's later comedies, such as ________ or The Winter's Tale are sometimes called his romances.
BBC Television ShakespeareWilliam ShakespeareHamletThe Tempest

Question 3: Their influence on authors, such as ________, William Morris and Poul Anderson and on the subsequent modern fantasy genre is considerable.
J. R. R. Tolkien's influencesThe HobbitJ. R. R. TolkienBeowulf: The Monsters and the Critics

Question 4: Originally, romance literature was written in Old French, ________ and Occitan, later, in English and German.
HeptarchyEnglandAnglo-NormanEnglish people

Question 5: Modern works may differentiate from love-story as romance into different genres, such as ________ or Ruritanian romance.
Science fantasyDying Earth (subgenre)Sword and planetPlanetary romance

Question 6: There are also very often mythological elements, such as gods, dwarves, elves, dragons, giants and ________.
FantasySigurdBarnstokkrMagic sword

Question 7: ________ also lampoons the faded conventions of chivalrous romance, from an ironic, consciously realistic viewpoint.
John DesboroughEnglish Civil WarOliver CromwellHudibras

Question 8: A related tradition existed in Northern Europe, and comes down to us in the form of epics, such as ________ and the Nibelungenlied.
Finnesburg FragmentBeowulfWidsithBeowulf (hero)

Question 9: These marvelous abilities subside with the development of the genre; fairy women such as ________ become enchantresses, and knights lose magical abilities.
CamelotYwainMorgan le FayKing Arthur

Question 10: In gothic novels such as ________'s Dracula, the elements of romantic seduction and desire were mingled with fear and dread.
Dracula: Dead and Loving ItBram StokerAbbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinAbraham Van Helsing

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