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Romana: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following is Romana affiliated with?

Question 2: Over the course of Season 16, Romana begins to take some of the characteristics of the screaming "________", which reinforced Tamm's decision not to remain in the role as she felt the character had been taken as far as she could go.
Gothic fictionDamsel in distressSerial filmFairy tale

Question 3: "Life from Lifelessness" by ________ (Short Trips: Destination Prague)
Peter DavidKeith R. A. DeCandidoMirror Universe (Star Trek)Star Trek: New Frontier

Question 4: ________ by Terrance Dicks (Romana 2)
Master (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)The Eight Doctors

Question 5: "Victims" by ________, Colin Andrew and Enid Orc (Doctor Who Magazine 212–214) - 2nd incarnation
Dan AbnettAndy LanningChristos GageDan Abnett bibliography

Question 6: As a Time Lord, Romana is able to regenerate, having two on-screen incarnations with somewhat different personalities (dubbed Romana I and ________ by fans).
Companion (Doctor Who)RomanaK-9 (Doctor Who)Fourth Doctor

Question 7: Romana first appears in ________, and was intended as a contrast to her predecessor, the savage, Leela.
Companion (Doctor Who)Fourth DoctorThe Ribos OperationThe Armageddon Factor

Question 8: In Goth Opera by ________, from the complementary Missing Adventures series, she is given a seat on the High Council of Time Lords.
Bernice SummerfieldVirgin New AdventuresPaul CornellDoctor Who

Question 9: In Zagreus, Romana II is forced to banish the ________ from the universe as he has become a danger to it following his infection by the forces of "anti-time".
Terror FirmaShadaEighth DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 10: Romana II appeared pseudonymously in a series of audio plays produced in the early 2000s by ________.
BBVNicholas BriggsBig Finish ProductionsDoctor Who

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