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Question 1: In general, the number zero did not have its own Roman numeral, but a primitive form (nulla) was known by medieval computists (responsible for calculating the date of ________).
PassoverEasterLiturgical yearJesus

Question 2: This was not a separate letter, but merely a swash variant of i. It is used today, especially in ________, to prevent tampering with or misinterpretation of the numbers after they are written.
Medical prescriptionOver-the-counter drugMedicinePhysician

Question 3: Roman numerals are rarely used in ________.

Question 4: ________ is often credited for introducing this symbol to represent infinity (), and one conjecture is that he based it on this usage, since 1,000 was hyperbolically used to represent very large numbers.
John WallisMichael AtiyahHenry Briggs (mathematician)James Joseph Sylvester

Question 5: In ________, especially the Baltic nations, Roman numerals are used to represent the days of the week in hours-of-operation signs displayed in windows or on doors of businesses.
BalkansEastern EuropeCentral EuropeWestern Europe

Question 6: In ________ seismology, Roman numerals are used to designate degrees of the Mercalli intensity scale.
S-waveEarthquakeLandslideGeotechnical engineering

Question 7: The Roman numeral system is decimal[1] but not directly positional and does not include a ________.
0 (number)Roman numerals1 (number)5 (number)

Question 8: ________ squadrons have two names, there's the standard number name (which is most commonly used) and the Roman numeral name (e.g.
LuftwaffeBritish Armed ForcesBritish ArmyRoyal Air Force

Question 9: history palaeography derivations diacritics punctuation numerals Unicode list of letters ________
ANSI escape codeISO/IEC 8859-16ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859

Question 10: About 725, ________ or one of his colleagues used the letter N, the initial of nulla, in a table of epacts, all written in Roman numerals.
John ChrysostomPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchBede

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