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Question 1: The tablets were probably destroyed when Rome was conquered and burned by the ________ in 387 BC.
CeltsGaulsGaulCeltic languages

Question 2: The adaptation of law to new needs was given over to juridical practice, to magistrates, and especially to the ________.
Roman EmperorPraetorAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 3: A legal system, in which Roman law was mixed with elements of ________ and of Germanic custom, especially feudal law, had emerged.
Canon law (Catholic Church)Natural lawLawyerCanon law

Question 4: When the Roman Republic ultimately fell in the years following the ________ and Mark Antony's suicide, what was left of the Roman constitution died along with the republic.
Julius CaesarBattle of ActiumFinal War of the Roman RepublicMarcus Vipsanius Agrippa

Question 5: In the 9th century, the emperors ________ and Leo VI the Wise commissioned a combined translation of the Code and the Digest, parts of Justinian's codes, into Greek, which became known as the Basilica.
Justinian IIMichael IIIManuel I KomnenosBasil I

Question 6: In ________, Roman law practice remained longer, having been the Holy Roman Empire (962–1806); thus the great influence upon the civil law systems in Europe.

Question 7: The codes of Justinian, particularly the ________ (529-534) continued to be the basis of legal practice in the Empire throughout its so-called Byzantine history.
Corpus Juris CivilisByzantine calendarByzantium under the AngeloiByzantine literature

Question 8: Moreover, the English and North American ________ also were influenced by Roman law, notably in the Latinate legal glossary — stare decisis, culpa in contrahendo, pacta sunt servanda.
Reception statuteCommon lawCivil law (legal system)Sharia

Question 9: Elements of Romano-canon law were present in England in the ________ and, less directly, through the development of the equity system.
BishopHoly OrdersEcclesiastical courtCatholic Church

Question 10: The constitution of the ________ was not formal or even official.
Ancient RomeRoman EmpireRoman RepublicClassical antiquity

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