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Roman hairstyles: Quiz


Question 1: For example, to dye hair black, ________ suggests applying leeches that have rotten in red wine for 40 days.
Pliny the ElderRoman EmpireRoman NavyCastra

Question 2: [17 ] Perhaps another reason was to accommodate the ________ ritual of anointing the skull of the bust with oil.

Question 3: In fact, foreign women often wore their hair differently to Rome, and women from ________ typically wore their hair waved in a simple center-parting, accompanied by diadems and turbans according to local customs.

Question 4: In fact, so tall were these hairstyles, that ancient writer ________ likens them to multi-storey buildings.
JuvenalDomitianRoman EmpireTacitus

Question 5: This was perhaps done in order to juxtapose Roman modesty against ________ and her flamboyance.
Ptolemy II PhiladelphusCleopatra VIIPtolemy I SoterPtolemy XIII Theos Philopator

Question 6: Julia Domna, wife of ________ had a particularly notable hairstyle.
Septimius SeverusHadrianAugustusElagabalus

Question 7: So too did men, Emperor Otho wore a wig, as did ________.

Question 8: ________, a temporary dye, or even animal fat, could be applied to make the hair more manageable.
Phyllanthus emblicaTurmericHennaRed hair

Question 9: Hairstyle fashion in ________ was ever changing, and particularly in the Roman Imperial Period there were a number of different ways to style hair.

Question 10: Livia, wife of ________, and Octavia, sister of Augustus, particularly favoured the nodus style, both continuing to use it well into the Imperial Period.
DomitianTiberiusRoman EmperorAugustus


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