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Question 1: These promagistrates held equality with other magistrates with the same level of ________ and were attended by the same number of lictors.
Cursus honorumByzantine EmpireImperiumDecemviri

Question 2: Magister Militum
Princeps senatus
Pontifex Maximus
Roman EmperorImperatorAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 3: The governor had the sole right to impose ________, and capital cases were normally tried before him.
TortureReligion and capital punishmentStoningCapital punishment

Question 4: Dictator
Magister Equitum
Roman lawAedileRoman KingdomTribuni militum consulari potestate

Question 5: During the era of the ________, the council was in charge of appointing governors to Rome's provinces.
Classical antiquityRoman EmpireRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 6: This was done by appointing promagistrates to serve, either by random casting of lots or by senatus consultum (advice of the Senate); however, these appointments were not formally binding on a legal basis and could be nullified by ________.
Roman ConstitutionRoman MagistratesRoman assembliesCentury Assembly

Question 7: Roman Republic
508 BC27 BC
27 BC onwards
Ancient RomeWestern Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 8: A Roman governor was an official either elected or appointed to be the chief administrator of Roman law throughout one or more of the many provinces constituting the ________.
Roman RepublicWestern Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 9: the Late Roman Empire, the Roman Emperor Diocletian began in 293AD reforms of the provincial administration that were completed under the Emperor ________ in 318.
Julian the ApostateMaxentiusConstantine IMaximian

Question 10: Depending on the basis of his appointment, he was either the Emperor's personal agent, or the ________’s financial agent, and had to supervise the local authorities, the private tax collectors, and levy taxes.
Ancient RomeRoman MagistratesRoman KingdomRoman Senate


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