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Question 1: The aerarium (state treasury) was supervised by members of the government rising in power and prestige, the Quaestors, ________, and eventually the Prefects.
Roman RepublicPraetorRoman EmperorAncient Rome

Question 2: With the dawn of the ________, a major change took place, as the emperors assumed the reins of financial control.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 3: For centuries the monetary affairs of the ________ had rested in the hands of the Senate.
Roman EmpireAncient RomeClassical antiquityRoman Republic

Question 4: ________ initially adopted a system that was, on the surface, fair to the senate.
Roman EmperorTiberiusAugustusDomitian

Question 5: The property of the rulers grew to such an extent that changes had to be made starting sometime in the 3rd century, most certainly under ________.
Septimius SeverusAugustusHadrianElagabalus


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