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Question 1: He could introduce new laws into the Roman constitution which did not require ratification by any of the ________, but were often put to a vote all the same.
Roman assembliesPlebeian CouncilRoman MagistratesCentury Assembly

Question 2: Dictator
Magister Equitum
Roman KingdomAedileTribuni militum consulari potestateRoman law

Question 3: In the Roman Republic, the dictator (“one who dictates”), was an ________ (magistratus extraordinarius) with the absolute authority to perform tasks beyond the authority of the ordinary magistrate (magistratus ordinarius).
Roman MagistratesRoman assembliesCentury AssemblyRoman Senate

Question 4: Along with the Dictator there was always a ________ ("Master of the Horse"), to serve as the Dictator's most senior official.
Ancient RomeRoman EmperorMaster of the HorseRoman Republic

Question 5: This novel - though not unconstitutional - arrangement of offices and powers would in time evolve into the office of ________.
Roman EmperorRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 6: The ________ and Toga Praetexta also belonged to the Dictator.
Roman censorCurule chairRoman dictatorAedile

Question 7: Only a single dictator was allowed, because of the imperium magnum, the great, extraordinary power with which he could over-rule, or depose from office, or put to death other curule magistrates, also possessed of ________.
Cursus honorumDecemviriImperiumByzantine Empire

Question 8: Roman citizenship
Ancient RomePraetorCursus honorumRoman consul

Question 9: But after the ________ in 217 BC, when Rome itself was threatened by Hannibal, a Dictator was again needed, and Fabius Maximus was appointed to the office.
Battle of CannaeBattle of Lake TrasimeneSecond Punic WarBattle of the Trebia

Question 10: The regular magistrates - with the exception of the ________ - became subject to the higher imperium of the dictator.
Ancient RomeHistory of the Roman ConstitutionRoman RepublicTribune


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