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Question 1: During his campaign against Pompey, Caesar issued a variety of types that featured images of either Venus or ________, attempting to associate himself with his divine ancestors.

Question 2: The imagery on coins took an important step when ________ issued coins bearing his own portrait.
Julius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaRoman RepublicPompey

Question 3: An example of an emperor who went to an extreme in proclaiming divine status was ________.
HadrianDomitianCommodusMarcus Aurelius

Question 4: The denarius continued to decline slowly in purity, with a notable reduction instituted by ________.
Septimius SeverusAugustusElagabalusHadrian

Question 5: An example of this is the denarii that were struck by ________ to pay his army during his battles against Octavian.
Ptolemy I SoterCleopatra VIIMark AntonyJulius Caesar

Question 6: It is known that during the first century AD an as could only buy a pound of bread or a litre of cheap wine (or according to Pompeiian graffiti, the services of a cheap ________).
Prostitution by countrySexual ethicsProstitutionSex and the law

Question 7: The names of moneyers continued to appear upon the coins until the middle of ________’ reign.
AugustusDomitianRoman EmperorTiberius

Question 8: When Rome ceased to expand, the precious metals for coinage then came from newly mined silver, such as from ________ and Spain, and from melting older coins.

Question 9: Although initially there were only three, the number was increased by ________ to four during the end of the Republic.
Lucius Cornelius SullaPompeyJulius CaesarRoman Republic

Question 10: Dio wrote that following the death of ________ the Senate demonetized his coinage, and ordered that they be melted.

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