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  • in 1969, building work in the Southgate area of Crawley, England, uncovered evidence that northern Sussex was a pre-Roman industrial area?

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Question 1: ________ prepared invasions in 34 BC, 27 BC and 25 BC.
DomitianTiberiusAugustusRoman Emperor

Question 2:
Roman conquest of Britain, Augustus and Nero are all:
Invasions of England Julio-Claudian Dynasty 1st-century conflicts Iron Age Britain

Question 3: The port of departure is usually taken to have been Boulogne, and the main landing at Rutupiae (Richborough, on the east coast of ________).

Question 4: [19] In contrast to Roman actions against the Selgovae, the territories of the ________, Damnonii, and Votadini were not planted with forts, and there is nothing to indicate that the Romans were at war with them.

Question 5: Cassius Dio relates that he brought ________ and heavy armaments which would have overawed any remaining native resistance.
War elephantAlexander the GreatSeleucid EmpireCavalry

Question 6: The most notable was in 209 when the emperor Septimus Severus, claiming to be provoked by the belligerence of the Maeatae tribe, campaigned against the ________.

Question 7: a lighthouse was built by Caligula at ________, the model for the one built soon after 43 at ancient Dover).

Question 8: ________ was sent into Roman Britain in 74 AD to succeed Quintus Petillius Cerialis as governor of that island.
De aquaeductuDolaucothi Gold MinesSextus Julius FrontinusAnio Novus

Question 9: Vespasian took a force westwards subduing tribes and capturing oppida as he went, going at least as far as Exeter and probably reaching ________.
St MabynBodminWadebridgeLaunceston, Cornwall

Question 10: The Silures were not finally conquered until circa AD 76 when ________' long campaign against them began to have success.
Sextus Julius FrontinusDe aquaeductuAnio NovusDolaucothi Gold Mines


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