Roman commerce: Quiz

Question 1: The Roman ships used would have been easy prey for pirates had it not been for the fleets of ________ galleys and triremes of the Roman navy.
ZadarLiburniansIllyriansAncient Rome

Question 2: Many Roman artifacts have been found in India, for example at the archaeological site of Arikamedu near present day ________.
KeralaTamil NaduPuducherryMahé, India

Question 3: The mission reached the Chinese capital of Luoyang in 166 and was met by Emperor Huan of the ________.
Tang DynastyMing DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 4: Even before the republic, the ________ was engaged in regular commerce using the river Tiber.
Romulus and RemusRoman RepublicAncient RomeRoman Kingdom

Question 5: At Rome itself, ________ is a tribute to the scale of this commerce.
Horrea GalbaeGood FridayRoman EmpireMonte Testaccio

Question 6: Main article ________.
Trade routeRoman trade with IndiaIncense RouteSpice trade

Question 7: Romans were businessmen and the longevity of their empire was due to their commercial ________.
TradeInternational tradeSilk RoadFree trade

Question 8: Meticulous descriptions of the ports and items of trade around the Indian Ocean can be found in the ________.
Silk RoadPeriplus of the Erythraean SeaRoman trade with IndiaWestern Satraps

Question 9: The main trading partners in southern India were the Tamil dynasties of the Pandyas, ________ and Cheras.
Gupta EmpirePala EmpireMaurya EmpireChola Dynasty

Question 10: Their high proportion in society (compared to that in ________), and the reality of runaways, the Roman Servile Wars and minor uprisings, they gave a distinct flavor to Roman commerce.
Mycenaean GreeceHellenistic GreeceAegean civilizationsClassical Greece

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