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Question 1: In the Roman Republic and later in the ________, people resident within the Roman state could roughly be divided into several classes:
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireAncient RomeByzantine Empire

Question 2: Jus commercii: The right to make legal ________ and to hold property as a Roman citizen.
ShariaDuressDelegation (law)Contract

Question 3: Citizenship in ________ was a privileged social status afforded to certain individuals with respect to laws, property, and governance.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicClassical antiquityAncient Rome

Question 4: (Despite being found guilty of the same crime, ________ and Simon Peter faced different fates.
Chronology of JesusPaul of TarsusJohn the ApostleSaint Peter

Question 5: Growing dissatisfaction with the rights afforded to the Socii, and with the growing manpower demands of the legions (due to the protracted Jugurthine War and the ________) led eventually to the Social War of 91–88 BC.
Cimbrian WarAugustusRoman RepublicLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 6: the Roman magistrates had the right to levy soldiers for the ________ from those states.
Auxiliaries (Roman military)Roman infantry tacticsRoman EmpireRoman legion

Question 7: Slaves were considered ________ and had only certain very limited rights as granted by statute.
PropertyIntellectual propertyLawProperty law

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