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Question 1: [25] ________ assumed the title of "perpetual censor" (censor perpetuus),[26] but this example was not imitated by succeeding emperors.

Question 2: [31] After the ________ had been taken, the citizens were summoned by a public crier to appear before the censors.
AugurRomulus and RemusHaruspexAuspice

Question 3: The ________ had likewise a superintendence over the public buildings, and it is not easy to define with accuracy the respective duties of the censors and aediles, but it may be remarked in general that the superintendence of the aediles had more of a police character, while that of the censors were more financial in subject matter.
AedileRoman RepublicRoman censorRoman Kingdom

Question 4: In the reign of ________ we find the elder Valerian nominated to the censorship, [27] but Valerian was never actually elected censor.
GratianDeciusDiocletianConstantine I

Question 5: After the expulsion of the kings and the founding of the ________, the census was taken over by consuls until 443 BC.
Constitutional monarchyDemocracyRepublicMonarchy

Question 6: If the censorship was done away with by Sulla, it was at any rate restored in the consulship of Pompey and ________.
Julius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaMarcus Licinius CrassusCicero

Question 7: the amount of a person's property (hence we read of census senatorius, the estate of a senator; census equestris, the estate of an ________).
Ancient RomeRoman NavyEquestrian orderAuxiliaries (Roman military)

Question 8: Magister Militum
Princeps senatus
Pontifex Maximus
Roman EmperorImperatorAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 9: [90] They also had the superintendence of all the other revenues of the state, the vectigalia, such as the tithes paid for the public lands, the ________ works, the mines, the customs, etc.
Sodium chlorideSaltHypertensionWater

Question 10: Dictator
Magister Equitum
Tribuni militum consulari potestateAedileRoman KingdomRoman law


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