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Question 1: Ancient Roman bricks found in ________ measured 8" x 8" x 3".
ItalyFranceCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: In ________, Roman brick was of similar proportions to the modern day equivalent.
Ancient RomeRoman RepublicClassical antiquityRoman Empire

Question 3: [8][9] Roman brick was introduced to the United States by the architectural firm ________.
Stanford WhiteMcKim, Mead, and WhiteNew York UniversityColumbia University

Question 4: The Constantine Basilica in ________ is constructed from Roman bricks 15" square by 1½" thick.

Question 5: When brick production resumed in earnest on the British Isles, the 1½" to 2" height of the Roman-style brick gradually increased during the early ________ period.
Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 6: [3] In the ________, the introduction of Roman brick by the Ancient Romans was followed by a 600–700 year gap in major brick production.
British IslesNorthern IrelandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: This type of brick was introduced to the United States by McKim, Mead and White, and was favored by American architect ________ in many of his Prairie Style homes.
Darwin D. Martin HouseChicagoFrank Lloyd WrightTaliesin (studio)

Question 8: Frank Lloyd Wright used Roman brick in his design for the Robie House in ________, and he favored it in many of his Prairie style homes.
Elmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisBurr Ridge, IllinoisChicago

Question 9: Roman brick originated in ________ and was spread by the Romans to the lands they conquered.
Roman RepublicRoman EmpireAncient RomeClassical antiquity

Question 10: [2] Ancient Roman bricks had a general size of 1½ Roman feet by 1 Roman foot, but common variations up to 15 ________ existed.
YardInchUnited States customary unitsFoot (length)


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