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Roman Navy: Quiz


Question 1: The Classis Britannica, established in 40 or 43 AD at Gesoriacum (________).

Question 2: 311 BC, when, after the conquest of ________, two new officials, the duumviri navales classis ornandae reficiendaeque causa, were tasked with the maintenance of a fleet.

Question 3: The Classis Pontica, founded in 64 AD from the Pontic royal fleet,[106][113] and based in Trapezus, although on occasion it was moved to ________ (in ca.
Roman EmpireByzantiumIstanbulGreeks

Question 4: They were initially filled either from among the equestrian class, or, especially under ________, from the Emperor's freedmen, thus securing the Emperor's control over the fleets.

Question 5: [102] Having supported emperor ________ in the civil war of 69, it was awarded of the cognomen Augusta.

Question 6: [18] The only major action in which the Roman fleet was involved was the siege of Syracuse in 214-212 BC with 130 ships under ________.
Marcus Claudius MarcellusCato the ElderCiceroFabius Maximus

Question 7: It was founded by ________ around 30 BC, probably from ships that fought at the battle of Actium and manned mostly by Greeks of the Nile Delta.
TiberiusDomitianRoman EmperorAugustus

Question 8: The Classis Ravennatis, established in 27 BC and based at ________.

Question 9: [8] It is possible that the supervision of these maritime allies was one of the duties of the four new ________ classici, who were established in 267 BC.
PraetorRoman RepublicRoman EmperorAncient Rome

Question 10: A fleet composed of Heruli and other tribes raided the coasts of Thrace and the ________.


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