Roman Gaul: Quiz

Question 1: Gallia Cisalpina or "Gaul this side of the ________", covered most of present-day northern Italy.
HimalayasAlpsGeographyJura Mountains

Question 2: Similarly, certain Gaulish artisan techniques, such as the barrel (more durable than the Roman amphora) and ________ were adopted by the Romans.
Mail (armour)Plate armourArmourBrigandine

Question 3: The Roman Empire began its takeover of what was ________ in 121 BC, when it conquered and annexed the southern reaches of the area.
La Tène cultureGaulsGaulCelts

Question 4: It remains to this day poorly understood: current knowledge of the Celtic religion is based on archeology and via literary sources from several isolated areas such as ________ and Wales.
Prehistoric IrelandIrelandIrish peopleNorthern Ireland

Question 5: In the five centuries between Caesar's conquest and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the Gaulish language and cultural identity underwent a syncretism, and evolved into a hybrid ________.
Clermont-FerrandLyonRoman BritainGallo-Roman culture

Question 6: Gallia Comata, or "long haired Gaul", encompassed the remainder of present-day France, Belgium, and westernmost Germany, which the Romans gained through the victory over the ________ in the Gallic Wars.
GaulsCeltic languagesCeltic nationsCelts

Question 7: From the 4th to 5th centuries, the Franks settled in northern France and Belgium, the ________ in Alsace and Switzerland, and the Burgundians in Savoie.
AlamanniGermanic peoplesSuebiLombards

Question 8: The Celtic heritage also continued in the spoken language (see ________).
History of FrenchHistory of IcelandicHistory of SpanishFrench language

Question 9: Between 455 and 475 the Visigoths, the Burgundians, and the ________ assumed power in Gaul.
LombardsFranksGermanic peoplesSaxons

Question 10: Following the Romans' defeat by the Frankish at the Battle of Soissons in AD 486, Gaul came under the rule of the ________, the first kings of France.
PippinidsMerovingian dynastyCapetian dynastyJulio-Claudian dynasty

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