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Question 1: The titles customarily associated with the imperial dignity are ________ ("commander", lit.
Ancient RomeImperatorCaesar (title)Roman Emperor

Question 2: Today it is known as the ________, as its capital was once the city of Byzantium, which had been massively expanded and re-named Constantinople in honour of the emperor Constantine the Great, and now known as the Turkish city of Istanbul.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 3: Every emperor held the latter office and title until ________ surrendered it in 382 AD to St. Siricius; it eventually became an auxiliary honor of the Bishop of Rome.
Valentinian IGratianConstantine IValentinian II

Question 4: However, at the time of the ________, they extended to little more than the city itself, as well as a small area in Morea (the Peloponnese).
IstanbulFall of ConstantinopleByzantine EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 5: Roman citizenship
PraetorAncient RomeRoman consulCursus honorum

Question 6: A decade after Caesar's death, Octavian's victory over his erstwhile ally ________ at Actium put paid to any effective opposition and confirmed Octavian's supremacy.
Ptolemy I SoterCleopatra VIIJulius CaesarMark Antony

Question 7: The concept of the Roman Empire was renewed in the West with the coronation of the king of the Franks, ________, as Roman emperor by the Pope on Christmas Day, 800.
CharlemagneLouis the PiousLothair IAlboin

Question 8: Roman magistrates on official business were expected to wear the form of ________ associated with their office; different togas were worn by different ranks; senior magistrates had the right to togas bordered with purple.
TogaSandalSumptuary lawDress code

Question 9: The title imperator dates back to the ________, when a victorious commander could be hailed as imperator in the field by his troops.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicAncient RomeClassical antiquity

Question 10: The ruling emperor's title was the descriptive ________ ("majestic" or "venerable", which had tinges of the divine.
TiberiusAugustusDomitianRoman Emperor

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