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Question 1: Christianity in India was introduced by ________ in 52 AD.
Thomas the ApostleSaint StephenSaint PeterNew Testament

Question 2: It was raised to an Internunciature by Pope Pius XII in 1948 and to a full Apostolic Nunciature by ________ in 1967.
Pope John Paul IIPope Paul VICatholic ChurchPope John Paul I

Question 3: [5] This community was governed by the ________ until the arrival of Portuguese.
Saint Thomas ChristiansSyriac ChristianityAssyrian Church of the EastSyriac Orthodox Church

Question 4: Missionaries of the newly founded ________ were sent to Goa and the Portuguese colonial government supported the mission with incentives for baptized Christians.
Congregation of the Most Holy RedeemerSociety of JesusConventual FranciscansDominican Order

Question 5: [9] Saint ________, in a 1545 letter to John III of Portugal, requested an inquisition to be installed in Goa[9] which would spell the end of Portuguese domination in the Christian dominance.
Pope John Paul IIFrancis XavierRobert BellarminePierre Teilhard de Chardin

Question 6: With the papal bull ________ the patronage of the mission was granted to the Portuguese and they were remunerated with a trade monopoly.
SlaveryCatholic ChurchRomanus PontifexPortugal

Question 7: [3] The ________'s representative to the government of India and to the Church in India is the Apostolic Nuncio to India.
Catholic ChurchHoly SeePopeSt. Peter's Basilica

Question 8: ________, was a Franciscan sent to China to become prelate of Peking in around 1307.
John of MontecorvinoRoman Catholicism in ChinaMedieval Roman Catholic Missions in ChinaOdoric of Pordenone

Question 9: [11] The Synod of Diamper was convened by the Portuguese between 20 and 26 June 1599, which with force and torture led most Saint Thomas Christians to acknowledge the authority of the ________ in Rome.
Pope Benedict XVIPopePope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 10: Friar ________ arrived in India in 1321.
Francis XavierJohn of MontecorvinoGiovanni de' MarignolliOdoric of Pordenone


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