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Roman–Parthian War of 58–63: Quiz


Question 1: Despite Vologases' reluctance to risk an all-out conflict with Rome, in the end, he was forced to act when Tigranes raided the Parthian province of ________ in 61.
MedesAchaemenid AssyriaSassanid EmpireAdiabene

Question 2: These events coincided with the ascension of ________ to the imperial throne in Rome, and the young emperor decided to react vigorously.

Question 3: As soon as these had been dealt with, however, the Parthians turned their attention to Armenia, and after a couple of years of inconclusive campaigning, inflicted a heavy defeat on the Romans in the ________.
Roman–Parthian War of 58–63AugustusRoman–Persian WarsRoman Empire

Question 4: [4] His forces quickly seized the two capitals of Armenia, ________ and Tigranocerta, and put his younger brother Tiridates on the throne.
AraksavanArarat, ArmeniaArtashatYeraskh

Question 5: In 20 BC, ________ succeeded in establishing a Roman protectorate over the country, when Tigranes III was enthroned as king of Armenia.
DomitianAugustusTiberiusRoman Emperor

Question 6: The conflict ended soon after, in an effective stalemate and a formal compromise: a Parthian prince of the Arsacid line would henceforth sit on the Armenian throne, but his nomination had to be approved by the ________.
Roman EmperorRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 7: The Roman-supported king, Mithridates, recovered his throne with the support of Emperor ________ in 42 AD,[3] but was deposed in 51 AD by his nephew Rhadamistus of Iberia.

Question 8: After his army crossed the Euphrates, following a route opened up by ________ over a hundred years before, he received envoys from Tiridates and Vologases.
Julius CaesarLucullusPompeyLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 9: [26] According to a story provided by ________, when the Roman army arrived at Tigranocerta, they launched the severed head of one of the conspirators into the city.
Dolaucothi Gold MinesSextus Julius FrontinusDe aquaeductuAnio Novus

Question 10: Tacitus acidly records that "trophies for the Parthian war and arches were erected in the center of the ________" by decree of the Senate, even while the war was not yet decided.
Capitoline HillRomeQuirinal HillPalazzo Farnese, Rome


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