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Rollerball (1975 film): Quiz


Question 1: A poorly-received remake of this movie came 27 years later in 2002, directed by John McTiernan, the director of ________.
Die HardDie Hard 2Die Hard (franchise)Die Hard with a Vengeance

Question 2: In the cyberpunk manga ________, Motorball is a popular, bloody sport based on Rollerball.
Battle Angel OVABattle Angel AlitaGunnm: Martian MemoryBattle Angel Alita: Last Order

Question 3: The object of the game is to score points by the offensive team (the team in possession of the ball) throwing a softball-sized steel ball into the goal, which is a ________, cone-shaped area inset into the wall of the arena.
Magnetic fieldMagnetic momentElectromagnetismMagnetism

Question 4: The film is currently ranked at 68% on ________, in contrast to the remake's 3% rating.
Toy StoryRotten TomatoesNews CorporationLos Angeles

Question 5: It is announced that the semi-final game versus the ________ team will be played with no penalties and limited player substitutions, yet Jonathan refuses to yield and intends to play in the game.
Minato, TokyoBeijingTokyoGreater Tokyo Area

Question 6: The film tells the story of Jonathan E (James Caan), the veteran star of the Energy Corporation's ________ team.
HoustonBellaire, TexasGreater HoustonSugar Land, Texas

Question 7: Bartholomew (________) congratulates the team and announces that the corporation, running out of ways to properly reward their champion, will feature Jonathan on a "multivision" special devoted to his career.
Ralph RichardsonAlec GuinnessJohn GielgudLaurence Olivier

Question 8: The crowd, raucous and energetic at the game's beginning, gradually become more and more subdued as the carnage builds and degrades to a ________ "last man standing" event.
AugustusGladiatorAncient RomeRoman Empire

Question 9: On the other hand, Jay Cocks of ________ posted a negative review of the film, saying that Caan looked "unconvinced and uncomfortable" as Jonathan E.
Time (magazine)National ReviewNewsweekThe New Yorker

Question 10: It is similar to ________ in that two teams clad in body armor skate on roller skates (some instead ride on motorcycles) around a banked, circular track.
Roller derbyWomen's lacrosseNetballLadies' Gaelic football


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