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Question 1: At this time, Éowyn marries ________, the last of the line of Gondor's Stewards, thus joining the lines of Gondor and Rohan.

Question 2: The name Rohirrim is Sindarin for People of the Horse-lords (sometimes translated simply as Horse-lords) and was mostly used by outsiders: the name they had for themselves was Eorlingas, after their king ________ who had first brought them to Rohan.
ThéodenList of Middle-earth wars and battlesList of Kings of RohanÉomer

Question 3: Compare with ________, king of England whose name appeared as Ælfred cyning in Old English.
Æthelred the UnreadyAlfred the GreatEdward the ElderCnut the Great

Question 4:
What role did Rohan play in the movie Firehouse Dog?
Shane Fahey
Rexxx/Dewey the Dog
Joe Musto
Terence Kahn

Question 5: The lands of Rohan are frequently described as appearing like "seas of grass", and are therefore perfect for horses (the word roch, in ________, means a horse).
Elvish languages (Middle-earth)EsperantoQuenyaSindarin

Question 6: It is similar to the Eurasian steppe, the North American ________ or the Argentine Pampas.
Western United StatesMidwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesGreat Plains

Question 7: It is inhabited by the Rohirrim, a people of herdsmen and farmers who are well-known for their horses and ________.

Question 8: At the time of the ________, Rohan was roughly a third the size of Gondor, whose borders had slowly been shrinking for centuries.
War of the RingTimeline of ArdaDol GuldurThe Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

Question 9: ________, king of the Éothéod, answered the summons, and arrived unexpected at a decisive battle at the Field of Celebrant, routing the orc army, and then destroying it as it fled.
RohanÉomerList of Kings of RohanList of Middle-earth wars and battles

Question 10: Éomer rode with the armies of Gondor to the Black Gate of Mordor and took part in the ________ against the forces of Sauron, who were defeated when the Ruling Ring was destroyed.
Dol GuldurBattle of the MorannonTimeline of ArdaWar of the Ring


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