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Rogue: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Admiral Keily the movie Rogue?
Stephen Curry
Karl Granehed
Gregory Lee Kenyon
Osman Soykut

Question 2:
What role did Karl Granehed play in the movie Rogue?
Neil Kelly
Jake Dinn
L.T. Bora
The Voice

Question 3: ________, a Marvel comic book character
Sabretooth (comics)Nightcrawler (comics)Rogue (comics)Mystique (comics)

Question 4:
Who played Jonathan Farnsworth the movie Rogue?
Michael Vartan
Win De Lugo
Sam Worthington
Gregory Lee Kenyon

Question 5:
Who played Robert Tenant the movie Rogue?
Steven Man
Karl Granehed
Tim Sullens
Steven Man

Question 6:
Who played Mary Ellen the movie Rogue?
Caroline Brazier
Radha Mitchell
Celia Ireland
Carmen Perez

Question 7:
Who played Elizabeth the movie Rogue?
Heather Mitchell
Radha Mitchell
Celia Ireland
Carmen Perez

Question 8:
What role did Victoria Coulson play in the movie Rogue?
Tara McPhearson
Kate Ryan

Question 9: ________, a role-playing game for the Playstation 2 featuring a title hero, Jaster Rogue
Rogue GalaxyDark ChronicleDark CloudProfessor Layton and the Curious Village

Question 10: Rogue, a job class in ________
JapanRagnarok (manhwa)Ragnarok Battle OfflineRagnarok Online

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