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Question 1: On July 11, 2008, The Staubach Company was sold to ________ for $613 million [7].
Aon CorporationBrunswick CorporationJones Lang LaSalleBoeing

Question 2:
When was Roger Staubach drafted?

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Roger Staubach have?
Dallas Cowboys Starting Quarterbacks
Dallas Cowboys Starting Quarterback
Most Rec Yards for the Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Starting Running back

Question 4:
Which of the following teams did Roger Staubach play for?
* Dallas Cowboys
* Dallas Cowboys n* San Diego Chargers n* Cleveland Browns
* Dallas Cowboys *n* AFL Cincinnati Bengals
*Dallas Cowboys

Question 5:

Question 6:
In which year did Roger Staubach make his debut?

Question 7:
What proceeded Roger Staubach?

Question 8: Staubach was described by legendary coach ________ as "possibly the best combination of a passer, an athlete and a leader to ever play in the NFL."
Mike DitkaJerry TubbsMel RenfroTom Landry

Question 9: Staubach led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory and as a result he was named MVP in ________.
Super Bowl XIISuper Bowl XSuper Bowl VIIISuper Bowl VI

Question 10: The moment has been emblazoned in football folklore ever since, and the "________" has entered the realm of football nomenclature.
Hail Mary passNFL Championship Game, 1967Herschel Walker tradeUniform number (American football)


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