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Roger Casement: Quiz


Question 1:
Where was Roger Casement born?

Question 2: ________, an Ulster Unionist Party MP and barrister who campaigned for the release of the Black Diaries in Parliament in the 1950s and who wrote a book on Casement's trial, had no doubt that Casement had been a pederast.
Belfast North (UK Parliament constituency)Belfast South (UK Parliament constituency)H. Montgomery HydeBelfast

Question 3:
When did Roger Casement die?

Question 4:

Question 5:
What religion does Roger Casement adhere to?
Baptized Methodist
Roman Catholic Convert
Roman Catholic;

Question 6: Casement was born near ________, living in very early childhood at Doyle's Cottage, Lawson Terrace, Sandycove.

Question 7: Several Gaelic Athletic Association clubs, for instance the Roger Casements GAA Club in ________ and the Roger Casements GAC in Portglenone.

Question 8: In 1973, ________ aired a critically acclaimed radio play by David Rudkin about the life of Casement, called Cries from Casement as His Bones are Brought to Dublin.
British Broadcasting CompanyBBC RadioBBC Radio 1BBC English Regions

Question 9: Casement's mother Anne Jephson of Dublin (whose origins are obscure) had him rebaptised secretly as a Roman Catholic when he was three in ________[citation needed] .She died in Worthing when her son was nine.
PrestatynSt AsaphRhuddlanRhyl

Question 10: According to an 1892 letter, Casement believed that she was descended from the Jephson family of ________.
KillarneyMallow, County CorkFermoyCork (city)

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