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Question 1: The FBI had informed Hoover that Adams was a leading member of an apparent Communist ________ called the Lincoln's Birthday Committee for the Advancement of Science.
Communist frontCentral Intelligence AgencyForeign Intelligence Service (Russia)Front organization

Question 2: Adams vigorously researched methods of preparing local anaesthetics with Oliver Kamm who was also on the faculty of UIUC and a consultant to ________ in a relationship that lasted into the 1960s.
BoeingMcDonald'sAon CorporationAbbott Laboratories

Question 3: Adams attending ________ and Cambridge Latin High School (now called Cambridge Rindge and Latin).
Boston Latin SchoolBoston CollegeHarvard UniversityBoston University

Question 4: Adams was also suspect in the eyes of the FBI because he was doing studies into the chemical mechanisms by which the plant cannabis sativa (________) affects the brain.
CannabidiolCannabis smokingPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsCannabis (drug)

Question 5: However, Bush's efforts were stalled in getting Adams a ________.
Security clearanceSignals intelligenceClassified informationRoyal Canadian Mounted Police

Question 6: Isolated and identified ________ from Cannabis sativa, showed its relationship to cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinol .

Question 7: As the Department Head of Chemistry at the ________ from 1926 -1954, he also greatly influenced graduate education in America, taught over 250 Ph.D. students and postgraduate students, and served the U.S.
Northern Illinois UniversityNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of Illinois systemUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Question 8: This was a continuation of the work done by E.K. Bolton (Adams's friend from Harvard) at ________.
DuPontHSBC Bank USAComcastSunoco

Question 9: He was a member of the Lincoln's Birthday Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom (LBCDIF), which was founded by the prominent anthropologist ________ to discredit Nazi racial policies.
Franz BoasGottfried LeibnizNoam ChomskyStructuralism

Question 10: Synthesis of chloralkyl esters by combining ________ and acyl chlorides.

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