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Question 1: In 1961-1962 aeronautical engineer Barry Palmer foot-launched several versions of a framed Rogallo wing ________ to continue the recreational and sporting spirit of hang gliding.
Wingsuit flyingParaglidingPowered hang gliderHang gliding

Question 2: Interaction with the ________, provided various means of control of the Rogallo winged hang glider.
VariometerPowered hang gliderTriangle control frameHang gliding

Question 3: The Rogallo wing is most often seen in toy ________, but has been used to construct spacecraft parachutes, sport parachutes, ultralight powered aircraft like the trike and hang gliders.
KitePower kiteKite applicationsSkySails

Question 4: The Rogallo wing is a flexible type of ________.
AirfoilStall (flight)Wingtip deviceLift (force)

Question 5: The user ties ________ (usually a cow hitch) in the bridle to set the angle of attack.
KnotTwo half-hitchesConstrictor knotBight (knot)

Question 6: Rogallo wing ________ control pitch with a bridle that sets the wing's angle of attack.
KiteKite applicationsPower kiteSkySails

Question 7: In 1948, Gertrude Rogallo, and her husband Francis Rogallo, a ________ engineer, invented a self-inflating flexible wing they called the Parawing, also known as the Rogallo Wing and flexible wing.
Space explorationSpace RaceNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 8: ________
VariometerPowered hang gliderHang glidingTriangle control frame

Question 9: On Rogallo wing hang gliders, John W. Dickenson used a type of weight-shift ________ composed of a mounted triangular control frame under the wing.
Powered hang gliderHang glidingVariometerTriangle control frame


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