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Question 1: Farming was not successful, but there was an abundance of ________, turtles, birds, fish and other seafood.
TortoiseSea turtleGeocheloneGreen turtle

Question 2: In 1809, after a brief ________ with the French, British troops took possession of Rodrigues.
Military historyMilitary strategySiegeBattle

Question 3: While the second clearly refers to Réunion, sources disagree about which of the other is ________ and which one Rodrigues, which are both to the east of Réunion and arranged in a somewhat stylized way on these maps.
CanadaDominicaMauritiusSouth Africa

Question 4: The latter, together with a Rodrigues Solitaire, is on the ________ of the island.
Royal coat of arms of ScotlandCoat of armsRoyal coat of arms of the United KingdomUnofficial emblem of Turkey

Question 5: However, even in its original state, Rodrigues had some karst, while Mauritius even after suffering 500 years of ________ can by no means be called "desert" even in a colloquial sense.
Climate change and agricultureUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeDeforestationKyoto Protocol

Question 6: This has led to an overall species-poor but highly ________ ecosystem.
EvolutionNatural selectionAdaptationModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 7: Entrance to the ________-rich Caverne Patates
StalactiteLimestoneSpeleothemCalcium carbonate

Question 8: In 1883, the eruption of the Indonesian volcano ________ was heard at Mauritius, described as "the roar of heavy guns".
San Benedicto IslandKrakatoaSunda StraitRakata

Question 9: In 1691 the ________, François Leguat and 7 companions landed on the island, intending to set up a farming colony of Protestant refugees.
Huldrych ZwingliCrusadesProtestant ReformationHuguenot

Question 10: The ________ of Rodrigues is of particular interest as it is self-seeding – it receives no coral zooplankton from elsewhere.
EstuaryTide poolSalt marshCoral reef


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