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Rodinia: Quiz


Question 1: In contrast with ________, the last supercontinent about 300 million years ago, little is known yet about the exact configuration and geodynamic history of Rodinia.

Question 2: Substantial areas of Rodinia may have been covered by ________ or the southern polar ice cap.
Little Ice AgeIce sheetCurrent sea level riseGlacier

Question 3: This rising creates areas of higher altitude, where the air is cooler and ice is less likely to melt with changes in season, and it may explain the evidence of abundant glaciation in the ________ period.
CambrianEdiacara biotaGeologic time scaleEdiacaran

Question 4: In a separate rifting event about 610 million years ago (halfway in the Ediacaran period), the ________ formed.
Caledonian orogenyAvaloniaIapetus OceanGeologic time scale

Question 5: The increased ________ from the larger water area of the oceans may have increased rainfall, which, in turn, increased the weathering of exposed rock.
Water vaporEvaporationGasTemperature

Question 6: It created a configuration of continents that would remain stable for hundreds of millions of years in the form of the continent ________.

Question 7: Torsvik, T.H.; 2003: The Rodinia Jigsaw Puzzle, ________ 300, pp.
Scientific methodScienceSocial sciencesPseudoscience

Question 8: In ________, Rodinia (from the Russian родина, "rodina", meaning "motherland") is the name of a supercontinent, a continent which contained most or all of Earth's landmass.
Plate tectonicsNatureEarth scienceGeology

Question 9: The idea that a supercontinent existed in the early Neoproterozoic arose in the ________, when geologists mentioned that orogens of this age exist on virtually all cratons.

Question 10: [2] Examples are the ________ in North America, the Uralian orogeny in Siberia and the Dalslandian orogeny in Europe.
Canadian ShieldAppalachian MountainsSubductionGrenville orogeny


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