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Question 1: ________, "A-Rod" also nickname for American professional tennis player
Jo-Wilfried TsongaAndy RoddickRafael NadalRoger Federer

Question 2: ________, two rods believed by some to find water in a practice known as dowsing

Question 3: ROD or ________, a common malfunction of the Xbox 360
Xbox 360 launchXbox 360 accessoriesXbox 360 HD DVD PlayerXbox 360 technical problems

Question 4: ________, a Japanese anime and manga, see also R.O.D
Read or Die (OVA)R.O.D the TVRead or DreamRead or Die

Question 5: ________, in an internal combustion engine
Connecting rodPoppet valveManifold (automotive)Crankshaft

Question 6: ________, made out of twigs from birch or other trees for corporal punishment
BirchingCaningCat o' nine tailsFlagellation

Question 7: ________, "A-Rod" nickname for professional baseball player
Mariano RiveraDerek JeterRoger ClemensAlex Rodriguez

Question 8: ________, often also referred to as 'rod'
AutomobileVolkswagen BeetleHot rodCustom car

Question 9: ________, a cell found in the retina that is sensitive to light/dark (black/white)
Rod cellPhotoreceptor cellAmacrine cellCone cell

Question 10: ________, an old English unit equal to quarter an acre
RoodIconostasisRood screenOrthodox Church

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