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Rocky Marciano: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Frankie Carbo the movie Rocky Marciano?
Duane Davis
Tony Lo Bianco
Rino Romano
Judd Hirsch

Question 2: Rocky was also a resident of ________; the house he lived in still stands on Main Street.
Whitman, MassachusettsPembroke, MassachusettsAbington, MassachusettsHanson, Massachusetts

Question 3:
When did Rocky Marciano die?

Question 4:
What role did Duane Davis play in the movie Rocky Marciano?
Rocky Marciano
Joe Louis
Al Weill
Allie Colombo

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Rocky Marciano have?
Down In the Mission
Mr. Chevy Celebrity
Rocky Marciano
Kitchen Sink Press

Question 6:
What role did Rino Romano play in the movie Rocky Marciano?
Frankie Carbo
Allie Colombo
Rocky Marciano
Al Weill

Question 7:
What role did Tony Lo Bianco play in the movie Rocky Marciano?
Pierino Marchegiano
Joe Louis
Frankie Carbo
Al Weill

Question 8:
What role did Judd Hirsch play in the movie Rocky Marciano?
Frankie Carbo
Al Weill
Rocky Marciano
Allie Colombo

Question 9:
What is the nationality of Rocky Marciano?
born British, naturalized American
American, Egyptian

Question 10:
Where did Rocky Marciano die?
Newton, Queens County, New York
Knoxville Iowa, U.S.
Kings Newton
Near Newton, Iowa


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