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Rocket artillery: Quiz


Question 1: Hyder Ali's son, ________, continued to develop and expand the use of rocket weapons, reportedly increasing the number of rocket troops from 1,200 to a corps of 5,000.
Tipu SultanMangalorean CatholicsCongreve rocketKarnataka

Question 2:

Question 3: Firearrows were also used in multiple launch systems and transported via carts, in devices such as the Korean ________, the world's first Multiple rocket launcher.
HwachaKorean cannonNaval warfareJoseon Dynasty

Question 4:
What type is thing is Katyusha rocket launcher?

Question 5:
What engine does the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System use?
3.8L V8
Cummins Diesel
6.0 L W12
3.0L 5 cyl. turbodiesel

Question 6: [2] and other armed conflicts during the 19th century, including the ________.
Battle of LignyBattle of WaterlooOrder of battle of the Waterloo CampaignHundred Days

Question 7: The Germans also had some self-propelled rocket artillery in the form of the Panzerwerfer and Wurfrahmen 40 which equipped half-track ________.
Self-propelled gunArmoured fighting vehicleTankArmoured warfare

Question 8: ________ fitted some of their Sherman tanks with different rocket artillery.
ArmeniaIsraelGreeceUnited States

Question 9: The Soviet Union continued its development of the Katyusha during the ________, and also exported them widely.
Cold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyJoseph StalinVietnam War

Question 10: The first iron-cased metal-cylinder rocket artillery were developed by Tipu Sultan, a Indian Muslim ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, and his father ________, in the 1780s.
Madras PresidencyKarnatakaSecond Anglo-Mysore WarHyder Ali

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