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Question 1: Vehicles frequently possess navigation systems and ________ which typically use satellite navigation and inertial navigation systems.
RocketAir-to-air missileMissileGuidance system

Question 2: Due to ________ the speed of the exhaust of a rocket determines how much momentum increase is created for a given amount of propellant.
Classical mechanicsMomentumForceNewton's laws of motion

Question 3: In 1927 and also in Germany, a team of amateur rocket engineers had formed the Verein für Raumschiffahrt (German Rocket Society, or VfR), and in 1931 launched a liquid propellant rocket (using ________ and gasoline).

Question 4: The replacement vehicle, the partially reusable '________' was intended to be cheaper,[52] but this large reduction in costs was largely not achieved.
Space ShuttleAres VAres IApollo program

Question 5: [63] For chemical rockets often the propellants are a fuel such as liquid hydrogen or ________ which is burned with an oxidizer such as liquid oxygen or nitric acid to produce large volumes of very hot gas.

Question 6: Vehicles such as the ________ for scientific research, the Soyuz increasingly for orbital tourism and SpaceShipOne for suborbital tourism may show a trend towards greater commercialisation of manned rocketry.
Ares ISpace ShuttleAres VApollo program

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  R-7 8K72 "Vostok" permanently displayed at the Moscow Trade Fair at Ostankino; the rocket is held in place by its railway carrier, which is mounted on four diagonal beams that constitute the display pedestal. Here the railway carrier has tilted the rocket upright as it would do so into its launch pad structure -- which is missing for this display.
  The Tsiolkovsky rocket equation gives a relationship between the mass ratio and the final velocity in multiples of the exhaust speed
  Konstantin Tsiolkovsky published the first work on space travel, which was inspired by the writings of Jules Verne
  Apollo LES pad abort test with boilerplate crew module.

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Forces on a rocket in flight, rockets that must travel through the air are usually tall and thin as this shape gives a high ballistic coefficient and minimizes drag losses
  Space Shuttle Atlantis during launch phase

Question 9: ________ - De Laval nozzles
Heat engineRocket engine nozzleStirling engineJet engine

Question 10: Scientifically, rocketry has opened a window on the universe, allowing the launch of space probes to explore the ________ and space-based telescopes to obtain a clearer view of the rest of the universe.
PlanetSunSolar SystemEarth

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