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Question 1: Thin threads run cooperatively, returning control to a scheduler that prioritizes the audio thread; the only form of preemption is through ________.
Operating systemInterruptDevice driverProcess management (computing)

Question 2: More recent versions, however, have included a database feature which allows the player to compile information from the files' ________.
MP3Audio file formatID3Ogg

Question 3: 5 band fully parametric ________[2]
Equalization filterEqualizationSound reinforcement systemLow-pass filter

Question 4: Rockbox plays Intel-style WAV and Apple AIFF uncompressed audio containing nearly a dozen different ________ and ADPCM formats.
On-off keyingNon-return-to-zeroBipolar encodingPulse-code modulation

Question 5: These devices have relatively weak main ________ and instead offload music playback to dedicated hardware MP3 decoding chips (called the MAS).
64-bitCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computerMicroprocessor

Question 6: Fonts and foreground and background colours can be added and selected, while a simple ________ can be used to create themes for the menu and while-playing screens.
User interface markup languageLightweight markup languageHTMLMarkup language

Question 7: Stereo recording to ________/AIFF/WavPack (lossless) and MP3[3] (supporting devices)
Windows Media AudioAdvanced Audio CodingFree Lossless Audio CodecWAV

Question 8: High density micro ________ memory cards can be read by Rockbox in the c200, e200 series and the Sansa Fuze (v.1).
Memory StickCompactFlashUSB flash driveSecure Digital

Question 9: ZXBox ________ emulator (port of Spectemu)[7]
SAM CoupéZX SpectrumZX81Sinclair Research

Question 10: Rockbox developers can create plug-ins, which provide the user with other enhancements that may not be available on various ________ modules.
BIOSRead-only memoryOperating systemFirmware

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