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Question 1: The re-issue cover art (By artist Mel Grant, and originally used as the cover for the novel The Steel Tsar) was also used for the US cover of Ballistix for the Turbo Grafx 16 and ________.
Amiga 4000TAmigaAmiga 4000Amiga 1200

Question 2: There are also rumours that the ________ brought legal pressure because the original album art too closely resembled their most famous brand.
Coca-Cola C2Coca-Cola ZeroDiet CokeThe Coca-Cola Company

Question 3: Rocka Rolla is the debut album by the British heavy metal group ________, released in 1974.
Electric Eye (video)Rob HalfordJudas Priest2008/2009 World Tour (Judas Priest)

Question 4: In addition, the album has some slight ________ influences that would continue through to Stained Class, but to a lesser extent, and would be abandoned in later releases.
Music industryRecord producerProgressive rockRock music

Question 5: Glenn Tipton: guitar, synthesizer, ________
Heavy metal musicBacking vocalistLead guitarRock music

Question 6: Many of the songs were written before ________ joined the band.
Scott TravisRob HalfordJudas Priest2008/2009 World Tour (Judas Priest)

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