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Rock Ridge Music: Quiz


Question 1: The label's CD releases are distributed by ________ in hard product and digital form worldwide.
Warner Music GroupUniversal Music GroupSony Music EntertainmentEMI

Question 2: Examples include Boy Hits Car and Edgewater of Wind-up Records, ________ of Artemis Records, Cinder of Geffen Records, Sinch of Roadrunner Records, Stroke 9 of Universal Records and Reel Big Fish of Jive Records.
Kittie discographyJennifer ArroyoKittieTrish Doan

Question 3: Rock Ridge Music is an independent record label based in ________.
New York metropolitan areaNewark, New JerseyEast Orange, New JerseyNew York City

Question 4: Rock Ridge’s website until recently included a service called "Ghidrah", the name referencing the famous ________ adversary King Ghidorah, a dragon with three heads.
Godzilla (1954 film)GodzillaAtragonGodzilla (franchise)

Question 5: Some of the more recognized artists on the Rock Ridge roster include Reel Big Fish, ________, Stroke 9, Chris Volz, The Ike Reilly Assassination, and Sister Hazel.
Sandwich (album)PsychostickVeracity (album)The Flesh Eating Roller Skate Holiday Joyride


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