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Robotic spacecraft: Quiz


Question 1: ________ — US Venus orbiter
Magellan probeCassini–HuygensPioneer Venus projectGalileo (spacecraft)

Question 2: ________ - NASA orbiter
Mariner 4Phoenix (spacecraft)Mars ExpressMars Global Surveyor

Question 3: ________ — US — asteroid lander, launched 1996
Dawn (spacecraft)NEAR ShoemakerGalileo (spacecraft)New Horizons

Question 4: ________ — US-European Saturn orbiter and Titan lander Huygens (1997–present)
Planetary Observer programNew HorizonsLunar Reconnaissance OrbiterCassini–Huygens

Question 5: Most American space probe missions have been coordinated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and European missions by the European Space Operations Centre, part of the ________ (ESA).
CNESItalian Space AgencySpace RaceEuropean Space Agency

Question 6: The USA achieved its first successful space probe launch with the orbit of ________ on 31 January 1958.
Wide-field Infrared Survey ExplorerExplorer 1Explorer programSwift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission

Question 7: Rosetta space probe, ________, Venus Express).
ExoMarsSolar and Heliospheric ObservatoryMars ExpressMars sample return mission

Question 8: ESA has, however, launched many spacecraft to carry out astronomy, and is a collaborator with NASA on the ________.
Hubble Space TelescopeGreat Observatories programJames Webb Space TelescopeSolar and Heliospheric Observatory

Question 9: ________ — US Lunar orbital (1966–1967).
Lunar Orbiter programSurveyor ProgramPlanetary Observer programRanger program

Question 10: Vega 1 & 2USSR — flyby of comet ________ (1986)
Halley's CometMercury (planet)PlutoJupiter


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