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Question 1: In 1992, Mundell received the ________ from the University of Paris.
McGill UniversityHonorary degreeAcademic degreeDoctorate

Question 2: He also attended the ________ and was a top performer in his years there.
University of CambridgeKing's College LondonUniversity of BristolLondon School of Economics

Question 3: Mundell helped to start the movement known as supply-side economics, and is known for the ________ and Mundell-Tobin effect.
Exchange rateCentral bankMundell-Fleming modelInflation

Question 4: Historical research on the operation of the ________ in different eras.
Silver standardCentral bankFederal Reserve SystemGold standard

Question 5: Mundell was born in Kingston, Ontario, ________ and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
United StatesBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 6: In September of 2004[5] he appeared again, this time to read excerpts from ________'s memoir at random moments throughout the show.
The Hottie and the NottieThe Simple LifeParis Hilton's My New BFFParis Hilton

Question 7: Robert Mundell, CC (born October 24, 1932) is a professor of economics at ________ and the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1999.
New York UniversityColumbia UniversityCornell UniversityRutgers University

Question 8: Helped start the movement known as ________.
Laissez-faireSupply-side economicsCapitalismKeynesian economics

Question 9: Robert Mundell has also appeared on ________'s popular Lecture Room series.
CCTV News ChannelCCTV International ArabicChina Central TelevisionCCTV-4

Question 10: In 1961, he went on to staff the ________.
Bretton Woods systemBasel Committee on Banking SupervisionWorld Bank GroupInternational Monetary Fund

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